The Best Solution for Chargeback Protection

Benefits of Chargeback Protection

Secure Payment Processing

High-risk merchant accounts offer secure payment processing with fraud prevention measures, reducing the risk of chargebacks and data breaches.

Expanded Payment Options

High-risk merchant accounts offer businesses a wider range of payment options to customers, which can boost sales and improve customer experience.

Customized Solutions

High-risk merchant accounts offer specialized tools and services tailored to the specific needs of high-risk businesses, such as chargeback alerts and risk management.

Increased Customer Trust

High-risk merchant accounts offer a safe and secure way for customers to make payments, building trust and loyalty with customers and leading to repeat business.

Pricing Plan of Chargeback Protection

Chargeback protection service pricing plans vary by provider and features included, with some offering a flat monthly fee while others charge a percentage of transactions or per dispute. Compare plans to find the best value for your business.

Basic Plan

$ 49
Per month
  • up to 100 transactions
  • real-time chargeback alerts
  • and basic reporting.

Pro Plan

$ 99
Per month
  • up to 500 transactions
  • real-time alerts
  • advanced reporting
  • and personalized support

Premium Plan

$ Custom Custom pricing
  • high-volume businesses with advanced needs
  • including custom fraud rules
  • dedicated account management
  • and chargeback dispute representation


Transaction Convenience inOne Hand

If you are a merchant looking for ways to protect your business from chargebacks, consider implementing a chargeback protection service. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive chargeback protection solutions.