The Best Solution For E-Commerce Service

Benefits of E-Commerce Service

Increased Sales

E-Commerce services enable businesses to reach customers beyond their physical location, opening up new markets and opportunities for sales growth.


E-Commerce services often have lower overhead costs compared to brick-and-mortar stores, reducing expenses such as rent and staffing.

Greater Convenience

E-Commerce services provide customers with the convenience of shopping online, allowing them to make purchases at any time and from anywhere.

Enhanced Customer Experience

E-Commerce services can offer personalized experiences for customers through features such as targeted marketing, product recommendations, and streamlined checkout processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Pricing Plan of E-Commerce

Chargeback protection service pricing plans vary by provider and features included, with some offering a flat monthly fee while others charge a percentage of transactions or per dispute. Compare plans to find the best value for your business.

Basic Plan

$ 49
Per month
  • up to 100 transactions
  • real-time chargeback alerts
  • and basic reporting.

Pro Plan

$ 99
Per month
  • up to 500 transactions
  • real-time alerts
  • advanced reporting
  • and personalized support

Premium Plan

$ Custom Custom pricing
  • high-volume businesses with advanced needs
  • including custom fraud rules
  • dedicated account management
  • and chargeback dispute representation


Transaction Convenience inOne Hand

An E-Commerce service is a digital platform that enables businesses to sell products or services online. E-Commerce services typically include a range of features such as website design, shopping cart functionality, payment processing, and inventory management.